The Reasons Why Breasts Sag And How Mastopexy Solves The Problem

Several women complain about their breasts sagging. They probably don’t know what they can do to address the problem. Good news is that there is a procedure that is very helpful in dealing with this concern. This is the process through which sagging breasts are raised through a surgical procedure known as mastopexy. It involves modification or elevation of the breasts as well as changing their contour and size.

Why Breasts Sag

Before you get your breast lift, you need to understand why they sag. Breasts sag because the collagen tissue has been stretched and is no longer firm. Therefore, the primary cause of drooping breasts is breast collagen breakdown. However, as you age, your breasts will naturally sag.

You may experience sagging of your breasts after losing weight. When so much fat is lost from the breasts, they are not robust enough to support themselves, and so they end up sagging. Although going for workouts may help you to have healthier skin, it may lead to a transfer of fats that are in your breasts to other parts of the body. This weakens the breast tissue and hence causes the sagging of your breasts.

Apart from that, breastfeeding is another reason why your breasts may experience drooping. The good news is that once you are done breastfeeding, you can get your breasts back to their normal size and level of elevation. This surgery will help lift your breasts to their average level.

Drooping breasts could also be genetic. If your mother had sagging breasts, you too may find yourself with the same. It does not mean that you have to remain in the same situation. You can choose to try this procedure and get your breasts back to the desired elevation level.

How Mastopexy Solves The Sagging Problem

It helps to lift your sagging breasts to a higher position on your chest. For those who have sufficient natural breast tissue, you may be amazed by what your breasts will look like after the procedure.

If all you want is a breast lift without any changes to the breast size, you will undergo mastopexy as a stand-alone procedure. That means that no implants will be involved during the process. So if you were afraid of going for the surgery because you don’t like breast implants, then you should consider going to the doctor because there is a way to lift your breasts without implants.

However, if you are not satisfied with your breast size, you will undergo this breast surgery alongside breast augmentation. That is because your breasts do not have enough natural breast tissue, and they need a boost (breast augmentation). When this is done, they will be more firm and raised on your chest.

What Mastopexy Does To Your Breasts

It tightens your weak breast tissue leaving the breasts very firm on your chest. This procedure lifts the breasts without necessarily adding implants. Your breasts will be in a new position on your chest. The procedure’s primary duty is to reposition your breasts. You can, therefore, have the shape and appearance of your breasts improved immensely. Consult your doctor to find out how best to go about this process.