How Much Does A CPAP Machine Cost?

Once you have been diagnosed as having obstructive sleep apnea, your doctor will likely prescribe to you the continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP therapy. You therefore have the task of identifying CPAP equipment which will be suitable for your therapy and which are within your budget.

You will be required to purchase a machine as well as a tube and a mask. Your doctor may recommend to you a reliable vendor of durable medical equipment where you will be able to purchase the equipment. You can also purchase your equipment for CPAP direct online as long as you have a prescription.

Are CPAP Machines Expensive?

The cost of CPAP machines and masks depends on the type of equipment that you want to purchase and the place from where you want to make the purchase. For instance, a second hand machine will be cheaper than a new machine. You can opt for a second hand machine if you will use it as a back up or for traveling only. If you use a second hand machine as your main machine, it will probably not serve you for very long.

A fixed pressure machine will also be cheaper than an automatic pressure machine. The fixed pressure machine will provide you with a constant amount of pressure throughout your therapy. However, the automatic machine will vary your pressure depending on your needs – if an apnea is detected the pressure is increased and is then decreased when normal breathing resumes.

Online Buying Of CPAP Equipment

Buying your equipment for CPAP direct online is known to be cheaper since online stores that deal with durable medical equipment normally buy their stocks in bulk. They therefore enjoy discounts which can then be reflected on the pricing.

In addition to lower prices, you can browse through a wide range of CPAP equipment from different vendors. You therefore will have a wide selection to choose from which will enable you to settle on equipment that is suitable for you and within your budget range. You can also compare the prices offered by different vendors for the same product so that you can settle on the best deal.

Tips For Successful Online Buying

Purchasing a mask for CPAP direct online can be quite tricky since it is best to physically try on the masks until you settle on one that fits well. You can however purchase a mask that has several cushion sizes so that you can try them out until you get the correct fit. The cushions normally have the size indicated on them so that once you get the right fit you will know the size of mask that best fits you. You can then order your exact mask size the next time that you will need a mask.

There are online vendors who provide a phone number which you can call to get guidance on the mask that would best suit you. The vendors normally have experts who will ask you a series of questions such as your sleep habits and your facial characteristics. They can then help you in selecting a mask that will be suitable for you. There are online vendors who require you to have a prescription before you can make a purchase.