A symposium on Disciplinarity, Knowledge and Language is to be held at the University of Sydney, December 8-10, 2008, sponsored by ASFLA, the School of Letters, Art and Media and the School of Social and Political Studies.

The symposium builds on and extends the highly successful Reclaiming Knowledge symposium held at the University of Sydney in December 2004 that gave rise to Language, Knowledge and Pedagogy (Christie & Martin, eds 2007). This brought together systemic linguists and Bernsteinian sociologists to explore forms of discourse. The next step is to explore different forms of knowledge - the focus of the proposed symposium.

The issue of disciplinarity is becoming increasingly salient. Questions of how differences in the structures of intellectual fields and curricula help shape educational experiences and outcomes are the focus of studies across a variety of disciplines using a range of approaches. This symposium aims to bring together scholars and practitioners engaged with these issues from different disciplines, primarily systemic functional linguistics, the sociology of education, and education studies.

The symposium will combine a series of plenary speakers, acting as an intellectual thread that brings together participants, with parallel sessions to allow a range of papers. Participants are expected from not only Australia but also southern Africa, North America and the UK.

We welcome abstracts of up to 250-300 words in length for papers of 40 minutes. The deadline for abstracts is 26th September 2008. To submit abstracts click here.

Sydney Harbour