The main objectives of the Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association are to:

  1. promote scholarship and research in SFL
  2. disseminate the results of research in SF linguistic theory
  3. organise national conferences around SF linguistic theory and related fields
  4. support appropriate SFL teaching activities
  5. maintain the relationship with the International SFLA

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ASFLA Annual Conference

The ASFLA annual conference is held every year EXCEPT when the ISFLA (international) congress is held in Australia.

2014 Funding Submissions to ASFLA 

The Executive of ASFLA now invites submissions from ASFLA members for the funding of projects in accord with the organisation objectives.

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ASFLA 2014

University of New South Wales, Sydney, September 30 to 2 October 2014

Conference Theme
New Texts, New Challenges

Featured Speakers
Susan Feez, Kristina Love, Theo van Leeuwen, Annabelle Lukin, Robert McMurtrie, Kay O’Halloran and Geoff Williams

Pre-Conference Institute: Monday 29 September
Includes all-day workshops on:
1.      Multimodality and animation – with Theo van Leeuwen
2.      SFL: The Basics and Slightly Beyond (for teachers and anyone starting out) –  with Beverly Derewianka
3.      Advanced issues in SFL – with Robert McMurtrie

The conference committee is very excited to welcome participants to the University of New South Wales, which will be hosting ASFLA for the first time. We are situated within the School of the Arts and Media where we all teach into the Media, Communication and Journalism program at UNSW. Here we see ourselves dealing on a daily basis with the rapidly evolving media landscape, one which presents us with both new texts and new challenges to our teaching and research in SFL. With this in mind, the theme of the conference is “New Texts, New Challenges” and we invite proposals for presentations which are informed by, reference in some way, report on applications of (or research using), critique, or develop theory in Systemic Functional Linguistics (they can even be concerned with “old texts” or “old challenges”).

We look forward to welcoming you to UNSW in September/October –

Helen Caple, Peter White, Lexie Don, Louise Ravelli, Michele Zappavigna (the organising committee)

For more details, see the 2014 Conference website.